Summer Maths – UPV/EHU Summer courses 2016


If you are a student aged 15-18 and you still don’t have any plans for the Summer, this is a great opportunity for you to explore science through mathematics 😉

It is aimed at students interested in science in general; not only in mathematics but also in physics, biology, chemistry, engineering… You will all be able to enjoy discovering new concepts. If you weren’t aware that mathematics is hiding in every science, this is a great opportunity to discover these connections and to learn about plenty of interesting applications: encryption, molecular biology, electrical engineering, nanotechnology… Lots of these topics can be studied at the different science degrees at university.

Apart from learning new concepts, gathered in small groups and once you get familiar with the material, we will lead you to explore amazing maths. It will be an environment that stimulates academic enquiry and instils a passion for learning.


These are the courses that we have organised for you:

BILBAO: sponsored by Bizkaia-talent and BCAMinskripzioa inskripzioa
DATE: 20 June 20-1 July, from Monday to Friday
TIMETABLE: 9-11am and 11.45am-1.45pm (40 hours)
PLACE: Faculty of Engineering of UPV-EHU (San Mames)

DONOSTIA: sponsored by DIPCinskripzioa

DATE: 4-15 July, from Monday to Friday
TIMETABLE: 9-11am and 11.45am-1.45pm (40 hours)
PLACE: Carlos Santamaria building of UPV-EHU


This is part of a bigger project “Turn into a mathematician, why not?” supported by Waves of Energy





We will offer two courses both in Donostia and Bilbao; one in English and a second one in Basque.


We have chosen different subjects that will allow us to explore interesting and curious results. This is our proposal:

1. Mathematical writing and reasoning
2. Complex numbers in electrical engineering, electromagnetism and fluid dynamics
3. Number Theory: RSA encryption method. Is purchasing online safe?
4. Topology: who can distinguish a doughnut and a coffee cup? Topology is also useful to understand DNA structure!
5. Group Theory: the study of molecule symmetries to predict their properties and Rubik’s Cube 
6. Mathematical universe-from the atoms to the galaxies: gravitational waves, quantum cryptography, nanotechnology, biophysics..

A group of mathematicians and physicists from the University of Oxford and UPV/EHU will lead these courses.

We will also have some surprises for you! We will also have some invited internationally recognised scientific researchers 🙂 who will come to talk to you about their work and their experience.

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to do a little project on a topic of your choice or, as we may suggest, to get deeper into one of the topics of the course.


SCHOLARSHIPS: we will be able to give some support to cover travelling costs to Bilbao and Donostia. Apart from this, we want to help those that can not afford the cost of the course but are interested in attending. “Live with science” are the scholarships with that aim.

We can also arrange accommodation for those of you who might need to stay in Donostia or Bilbao during the course.

Do you want to participate??

You can apply for the courses here or by downloading this pdf form, filling it and emailing it to us. Please mention on the application whether you want to apply for any of the scholarships. Should you have any questions you can email us to .

You can also call us to +34 605739550 or +44 (0)7454177980 to make any further enquiries.

So, what are you waiting for to dive into the magic of maths and physics???

Go for it 😉 Join us!

Check the poster of the courses below.
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