What is mathematics? It is not an easy question. Most of you will think about numbers. Plenty of you will think of of words such as “integrals”, “differentials” and “equations”. Some of you not only of will you think of words but of concepts, or about the vague idea of what that is. A few of you about squares, circles, areas and volumes. If you are one of those inspired ones, you may think of Descartes, and philosophy may come to your mind as a consequence. Certainly, all of that is mathematics. All of that, and much more.

Our aim is to make mathematics more approachable for everyone, we want everyone to enjoy mathematics as much as we do. We want to show you the different ares of mathematics, then you can choose the aspects you like and you don’t like. We want you to see that it is not so complicated, unreachable, exclusive, rigid, distant… We want to break the cliches associated with mathematics and we want to share and create knowledge around us, in the simplest, most interesting and mathematical way.

In order to reach our goal, we will organise different activities specially organised for each age-group.

You will find information about our team below.


Ainhoa Iñiguez Goizueta
I obtained my Bsc in Mathematics at the University of the Basque Country. Straight after that, I came to Oxford to start my DPhil degree and I have since been able travel around the world involved in different projects.  I have tutored both at the Mathematics Faculty at Oxford as well as at many colleges there. Furthermore, I have been tutoring at Cambridge Immerse for the last three years. At the moment I am lecturing at the Engineering Faculty in Bilbao (UPV-EHU).

Apart from this, I have also worked in the area of rowing, assisting the New Zealand Rowing National Team with  biomechanical analysis as well as at Peach Innovations, world leading company in biomechanical systems in rowing. At the moment, I continue involved in rowing in the role I play as member of the technical commission of ACT, Association of Clubs of Traineras, in the north of Spain.

Jone Uria Albizuri485013_4904981268468_2031911672_n
I realized my bachelor studies in mathematics in the University of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU)  and my masters in the Autonomous University of Madrid. Even if most of the people think that are things in both sides of a cliff, I also practise oral improvisation (known as bertsolaritza). I am one of the few that thinks that mathematics and the culture are not that far away from each other.

Oihana Garaialde Ocaña

oihana perfilI always thought that mathematics have something special and thus I decided to study them at the University of the Basque Country. After spending two years in the University of Utrecht (The Netherlands) and travelling around Barcelona and Málaga, I started with my PhD thesis at the University of the Basque Country in 2014. My codirectors are from the University of the Basque Country and from the University of Malaga.
Beyond mathematics, I am passionate for music (especially, playing guitar), doing sports and traveling. I believe that it is necessary to eliminate the fear towards mathematics in society. Moreover, we should show that mathematics are useful (and used) in our everyday lives.
Mathematics can be considered as a language and thus, I encourage you to learn this language with us!

If you want to join us or collaborate with us write to us to info@matematika-txokoa.eus!!